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Bringing your CPR students to life is easy with the
world's first game-based CPR skills practice system!


 Interactive CPR practice turns training into gaming for a more exciting and engaging classroom experience.


 Real-time performance feedback improves instruction by clearly showing you and the student what needs to improve.


Students go from the classroom to the real world with more confidence in their skills.


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Do you have your LOOP CPR Controller? You're just a few clicks away from amplifying your CPR skills practice. Simply locate the serial number on the back of the controller and download the software installer to get started.

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CPR Skills Practice

How does LOOP work?

LOOP CPR, part of the LOOP Learning System, is an interactive CPR skills practice system featuring fast-paced and fun learning games to improve and reinforce skills.

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How can you make the most of your LOOP Learning System?

There is no worse feeling than standing before a class of students who see classroom instruction as a waste of their time. What if there was a way to increase their interest and engagement while also improving their ability to learn and retain? We have resources that will help you amplify skills practice and breathe new life into your classes.

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Engage students with LOOP
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