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Why should I use LOOP as part of my CPR skills training?

The LOOP Learning System (LOOP) is designed to solve three kinds of problems.

  • Engagement
    LOOP uses interactive music, video, and other game-related concepts to create a compelling experience. CPR skills practice becomes a fast-paced and fun gaming system that engages your students.

  • Measurement
    The LOOP CPR system builds high-quality CPR skills by providing accurate measurement of compression rate and depth, pauses between compressions, and chest rise on ventilations.

  • Long-term Memory Retention
    LOOP encourages and incentivizes students to perform skills practice longer and more in-depth than traditional “static manikin” methods, building long-term memory retention and the confidence to respond.

What does the LOOP CPR System include?

The LOOP CPR system consists of the LOOP CPR Controller that plugs into a computer USB port, and the LOOP Learning System software that allows the device to be used as a CPR practice gamification and measurement system.

How does LOOP work?

LOOP works by sending sensor readings through the LOOP CPR Controller cable to the computer and then processing those readings with the LOOP Learning System software. The software then interprets this data to determine how LOOP will react, for example by scoring user performance, determining whether the user is performing ventilations or compressions, the quality of the compressions and ventilations, and more. LOOP can also be used in a compression-only mode in classes where full CPR is not being offered.

What can LOOP measure?

The hardware sensors in the LOOP CPR Controller can measure acceleration, 3D rotation/position, and other performance aspects of the skills practice session. The LOOP software can use any combination of this sensor data in a game. As a result, LOOP can determine CPR chest compression rate and depth, as well as chest rise on ventilation.

How do I use this system?

The system is released as a CPR practice aid to increase student engagement with their CPR training experience. It is not specified for use with any specific CPR class, and there is no ‘curriculum’ that accompanies this system. As is the case with most CPR manikins, the LOOP CPR System is designed for use in all CPR practice venues. Let your imagination be your guide as you explore ways to use LOOP in your CPR practice.

Is the system designed for verification and/or certification?

LOOP CPR is designed for use as a training-enhancement game, adding increased interaction and engagement to the CPR practice environment. Although the system does provide accurate and precise measurement of CPR skills, it is not specified for use in the verification and/or certification of CPR skills. It is a CPR practice game and measurement system.

What manikins have been qualified for use with LOOP CPR?

The system is qualified for use with manikins from Prestan, Laerdal Little Anne, and SaniMan.

Virtually any manikins that have chest rise will work for full CPR. All other manikins are compression-only. For example, the Ambu brand of manikins rise in the stomach, and will always be compression-only with the LOOP CPR Controller. Each additional manikin will require a process of providing data to the development team to ensure that the proper rise pattern for the manikin is coded for.

How rugged is the LOOP CPR Controller?

The LOOP CPR Controller has been extensively tested for resistance to wear and tear. We have developed a special testing system that subjects the sensor device to simulated CPR chest compressions in an automated fashion. As of September 2013, the system-under-test has survived over 3 million compressions without failure.

Where do I get the LOOP Software?

After you register your LOOP Controller, you will be redirected to the LOOP Software download.

Why do I have to register the serial number of the LOOP CPR Controller?

The combination of a unique serial number with your contact information is essential for us to maintain the quality of your LOOP system. This will allow us to alert you regarding updates in software or hardware, or any other important data that relates to your use of LOOP. We will never sell, trade, or misuse your contact information in any way.

How can I purchase a system?

You can order your own system online by clicking here.

To speak with a representative about LOOP, please call us at 800.447.3177, use our contact form at www.LOOPcpr.com, or email us at GetLOOP@LOOPcpr.com.

If you are located in Canada, please call us at 888.890.9698.

What are the system requirements?

• Operating system:  Windows 10, Windows 8 (not RT), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP
• Available USB Port, USB 1.0 or higher
• Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or better
• RAM: 1GB or more
• Sound: SoundBlaster Support or equivalent

I’m having trouble with the system. How can I get help?

You can contact LOOP technical support at 877.440.6049 or use our contact form at www.LOOPcpr.com.

Are you going to make a system that works with MacOS?

We will always be responsive to market needs. Although MacOS is not currently supported, if demand is sufficient, we will explore a MacOS option.



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